Formula One industry analyst Mark Gallagher, Founder and CEO of Performance Insights, has been confirmed as the keynote speaker at Reliability UK  an international learning and networking conference geared towards UK reliability, maintenance and asset management professionals, at Manchester’s Old Trafford Centre on Wednesday 26 September, 2018.

Mark has worked in senior leadership roles in F1 for over 30 years, fifteen of those spent on the management boards of well-known organisations Jordan Grand Prix, Red Bull Racing and Cosworth.  He is also a co-commentator and Formula One analyst for international media organisations, including the BBC and Sky Sports.

“While everyone imagines we focus solely on performance, in reality we spend much of time, energy and technology learning how to better manage risk, ensure quality and guarantee reliability,” commented Mark Gallagher.

“To optimise results, we have embraced a data-driven approach to monitoring system performance on our cars, with over 200 sensors helping us to understand precisely what is happening, enabling is to diagnose issues, monitor trends and ultimately predict outcomes. This approach actually shares many similarities with the most advanced reliability programmes being used in industry today,” Gallagher added.

Thought leadership conference for maintenance and reliability professionals

TelLab has developed Reliability UK as part of its commitment to thought leadership for maintenance and reliability professionals.

The Reliability UK conference  is dedicated to sharing best practice approaches across a spectrum of reliability tools from condition monitoring, lubrication and reliability modelling right through to training, human observation and teamwork. Speakers will also address reliability from business and corporate social responsibility perspectives.

Engineers in industry and subject matter experts will talk about the latest developments in condition monitoring, including lubrication, laser alignment, ultrasound, vibration monitoring and thermal analysis.

F1/Top Gear style simulated racing car challenge

Delegates will be invited to participate in F1/Top Gear style simulated racing car challenges for the fastest lap

Simulated racing car challenges for delegates

There will be networking opportunities to make contacts with industry peers. Delegates will be invited to participate in F1/Top Gear style simulated racing car challenges for the fastest lap. And there will be an optional tour of Manchester United’s iconic home stadium during lunch break.

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