Reliability UK 2018

Keynote Speaker

Mark Gallagher

Founder and CEO of Performance Insights Ltd

Reliability on the Edge – Insights on Reliability from the F1 Industry

Mark has worked in senior leadership roles in F1 for over 30 years, fifteen of those spent on the management boards of well-known organisations Jordan Grand Prix, Red Bull Racing and Cosworth.  He is also a co-commentator and Formula One analyst for international media organisations, including  BBC and Sky Sports.

In this keynote presentation, Mark will talk about how much of the energy and technology in F1 is focused on learning how to better manage risk, ensure quality and guarantee reliability. To optimise results, the F1 industry has embraced a data-driven approach to monitoring system performance on cars, with over 200 sensors being used to understand precisely what is happening, enabling managers to diagnose issues, monitor trends and ultimately predict outcomes. So the approach actually shares many similarities with the most advanced reliability programmes being used in industry today

Technical Speakers

Andrew Fraser

Managing Director, Reliable Manufacturing, UK

Making reliability a core business value

Andrew Fraser is Managing Director of Reliable Manufacturing Ltd, a reliability-based change management consultancy that helps businesses establish reliability alongside safety, as a core value in their organisations.

Andrew has over 35 years manufacturing experience across engineering, maintenance, production and change management roles and has worked with clients in Europe, Asia, Australia, Africa, USA and the Middle East.  In addition to training and consultancy, Andrew provides coaching to site leadership teams in the implementation of organisational-wide reliability strategies and cultural change.

Speaking at Reliability UK, he will focus on the business case for reliability; creating a holistic strategy to achieve high reliability performance; and making it all happen through leadership and cultural change.

Keith Edwards

Head of Toyota Lean Management Centre, Toyota Motor Manufacturing

Using Lean approaches to move from reactive to pro-active maintenance

Coming from an agricultural equipment and aerospace manufacturing background in the UK and US, Keith has been with Toyota Motor Manufacturing (UK) in Deeside for the past 27 years.

Having joined Toyota as a toolmaker, he moved to the maintenance department as a team member, where he progressed to section manager of the group and played an instrumental role in moving maintenance operations from re-active, firefighting to pro-active, planned maintenance . For the past four years, he has headed the Toyota Lean Management Centre (TLMC),  where he  works with non-competing third-party companies to help them develop their own systems based around the Toyota Production System (TPS).

At Reliability UK, Keith will talk about targeting zero breakdowns at Toyota Motor Manufacturing, using Lean tools such as waste elimination, visualisation, standardisation and problem solving .

Martin Williamson

Director, KEW Engineering

Why and how to operate a best practice lubrication programme

Martin began his maintenance career in the South African mining industry as a mechanical engineering graduate from the University of Cape Town, before specialising in oil analysis tribology with Pall Filtration and Entek IRD. Having moved on to establish his own consultancy, KEW Engineering, in 2005, over the past decade, he has been presenting training classes and undertaking consulting projects on an international level on behalf of Noria Corp and other key clients such as BP, Dow Corning, Marathon Oil and Cargill as well as working on various related ISO working groups and the International Council for Machinery Lubrication (ICML).

Tom Murphy

Managing Director, Reliability Team, UK

Improving profitability and reducing maintenance costs through ultrasound monitoring

With over 30 years’ experience in condition monitoring, Tom is co-author of the book Hear More and an ASNT Level 1 and Level 2 trainer in using ultrasound for predictive maintenance. As founder of the UK-based consultancy Reliability Team Limited, he specialises in helping companies improve reliability and reduce maintenance costs through condition monitoring. He is currently training ultrasound to ASNT and ISO standards and implementing programmes in a large variety of businesses worldwide.

Jenny Frances

Intelligent Digital – UK Drones Programme and Project Manager Lead, PwC UK

Using drone powered applications for maintenance and asset management

Jenny has a specific focus on drones / Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) and helping clients to integrate this exciting technology into their business to give them a competitive edge.

With more than 17 years’ experience in project and programme management working across a range of IT and transformation change initiatives, Jenny has managed a variety of engagements ranging in scope from £25,000 to over £35 million. This background has given her the experience to develop how organisations can change their ways of working to take advantage of the benefits drones can bring.

PwC is at the leading edge of this emerging technology, and following on from the launch of their economic study into the potential value of drones which predicts that drones will be worth £42bn to the UK economy by 2030, has recently (2018) been featured in numerous national media articles including all of the major UK newspapers, BBC Breakfast and Radio 5 Live.

Lieutenant Commander Ronan Carey

Marine Engineering Officer in Charge of the Maintenance Management Unit, Irish Naval Services

Ensuring the availability and reliability of naval assets for defence and humanitarian operations


Lt Cdr Ronan Carey has been serving with the Irish Naval Service for twenty years, leading engineering teams to ensure the availability and reliability of naval assets to meet operational requirements. Ronan is currently in charge of the Planning & Inspectorate Unit, which is responsible for ensuring the efficient, reliable and cost-effective performance of naval vessels. The unit reviews asset condition and schedules all major refits and dry docks for the fleet.

Ronan’s presentation will outline how a proactive approach and best practice lubrication has proven invaluable in the preparation of naval ships, and increased levels of machinery availability and reliability, in their deployment to the Mediterranean Sea as part of a bi-lateral agreement and a European response to the migrant crisis. 

Carles CG

Data Scientist, Reliable Dynamics, Copenhagen, Denmark

Collecting clean and usable data for better reliability modelling – lessons learned from the field

A data scientist, Carles’s passion about wind energy lead him to a Danish turbine manufacturer, applying Six Sigma concepts to reduce lead time, and he switched the focus of his career to improving the link between data and the physical world.

Since then, he has been developing and applying his analytical skills in the wind energy business and fleet performance as well as advising clients on big data, reliability engineering and the internet-of-things (IoT).
In October 2017, he founded Reliable Dynamics – a Copenhagen-headquartered company that develops applications, enabling reliability engineers to perform statistical calculations and warranty and maintenance predictions.

Gary Tyne

Director, Pro-Reliability Solutions

Key Reasons Why Reliability Strategies Fail and How to Avoid Them

Gary has been in the field of maintenance and reliability for the past 33 years. He is experienced working with clients in a wide-range of industries on sizable and complex reliability projects. Some of his areas of expertise include: maintenance strategy development, reliability centred maintenance, system availability, reliability implementation programs, and root cause analysis facilitation and investigation.

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